Background Application

Click Photos with Famous Monuments in Background

Visiting the Statue of Liberty could be costly, but getting your photo in front of it or any other famous monuments worldwide will be not. We present you fantastic background application that allows you to swap the background of your picture with famous monuments. Our background app includes a huge range of adorable and world-famous monument pictures, or you can upload others of your own. 

  • Choose from a wide range of worldwide monuments.  
  • Upload your own background photos in the app.

A Unique App to let you Realize your Dream

Change the background of your photo with just a few taps. Select any country to view different monuments situated there. Choose any monument from the list and go ahead to click your picture. Enjoy the app by taking individual or couple, or group pictures.  

  • Expcort and save your picture in JPEG or PDF format.
  • Take as many pictures or swap the background as you want. 

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